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Design, Hosting & So Much More

Web Design

At Jaxon Road®, we help our clients capture their ideas and translate them into a strategic web presence that makes an impact on their site's audience. Their ideas are represented on the web in a way that will give viewers not only a better understanding of their company or organization, but also a feel for its principles, overall mission, vision and business objectives.

We work our clients to create a professional online image as well as functionality that makes interacting with their business or organization more convenient for their customers. Using unique graphics, a streamlined layout and polished text, we convey a clear picture of your business.


Marketing Strategy

Undergoing efforts to market a business or organization may or may not lead to the desired outcome, but when backed by a detailed, well-developed marketing strategic plan, it can deliver amazing results. We can create a roadmap for your business or organization's promotional activities by blending knowledge of effective marketing and e-marketing methods with experience in compiling organizational strategic plans. Whether their goal is to reinvent their image, establish or improve a web presence, launch an e-newsletter campaign, get higher listings with the search engines or all of the above, we can help you act strategically.


An effective web site needs more than just a good design. It also needs fine-tuned verbiage that explains a business or organization in an unambiguous fashion.  Having a well-written website can persuade an audience to act by either buying a product or subscribing to a certain viewpoint. Content can include body copy, slogans, headlines, taglines and other text and graphics that promotes an organization.  We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the site's content accurately, yet innovatively, describes the business or organization.


Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, and Social Networking

Do you have a nice looking website that no one ever visits?  Take advantage of our search engine marketing services to drive traffic to your website and build awareness of your brand.  We have years of experience of fine tuning the pages, tags and verbiage on your website to increase the search engines' ranking of your site.  Also, we know how to administer effective social networking and blogging campaigns that increase your site's page visibility in the search engines.


E-Newsletter Campaigns

Rather than waiting for someone to find your business or organization, you can reach out to them using a well-designed, tactically-written e-newsletter.  E-mail marketing can be an extremely effective way to increase visitor-to-sale conversion rates, build strong relationships with your customers and turn one-time buyers into long term devotees of your product or service. Also, e-mail marketing allows organizations to develop and sustain relationships with their prospects and consumers by creating value.  Our e-newsletter services are reasonably priced and provide users the capability of seeing which recipients open a newsletter, forward a newsletter, click on a link in the newsletter, unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list, and more.  Many e-newsletter applications give users the ability to archive old newsletters online, create your own blogs for you to link to from your website, or generate RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds that broadcast the e-newsletters to blogs, portals, and other web applications.



We have experience building and maintaining online stores that are integrated into your website.  It is becoming increasingly easier and affordable to launch online stores due to the creation of online web applications that come with much of the functionality that merchants need.


Domain Choices

A critical part to your web presence process is choosing a unique domain address for your site.  We can help you decide what would be an effective and integral part of your website. Redirects and forwards are also essential. In addition, we will structure, position and mask your domain(s) and site with our Jaxon Road® Privacy Protection which provides anonymity and prevents 'prowling' unwanted solicitations.

Whatever your needs, we have you covered!

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